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Soldiers of Ainara

The following story may be familiar to many of you, but there are still many people who are not aware of the titanic struggle of this girl's parents to give visibility to the disease she is suffering from, a disease that to this day has no treatment or cure.

Ainara Reina de Nicolás is a beautiful baby girl who was born on 1 September 2009. Like any other child she had a normal development. She started walking at 11 months like most children and also learned to talk very early. But one day, for no apparent reason, her parents began to notice something strange about her: Ainara was more clumsy than usual, she fell, tripped, was afraid to climb into the bunk bed where she slept...

Her parents did not imagine that the reason for this clumsiness was due to something serious, but little by little they began their struggle to find out what was wrong with their daughter, and an odyssey of visits to the doctor and tests began. Until the fateful day came when they told her that she was suffering from a terrible serious neurodegenerative disease called LEUCOENCEPHALOPATHY OF THE EVANESCENT WHITE SUBSTANCE (CACH SYNDROME), a disease which, as we have already mentioned, has no treatment or cure.

This disease is one of the 30 rare diseases, so it is very difficult to know what type of treatment to follow. But Ainara's parents, far from collapsing, started a campaign to give visibility to their daughter's disease and to raise funds for her research.

Ainara soldiers

Very soon the Cach Syndrome Association "Soldados de Ainara" was created, which over the years has done commendable work to make this case known and to make everyone aware of this accursed disease. With the help of countless anonymous people, this association has been taking giant steps in this hard fight, and numerous activities have been carried out to raise funds and to make this case known to the general public.

Public figures such as actors, presenters and singers have known the story and have been willing to collaborate and publicise Ainara's illness as much as possible. Numerous national businesses have also collaborated, selling T-shirts and other products to raise funds for the fight against Cach Syndrome.

At Super Moble we wanted to join this beautiful initiative and collaborate with Soldados de Ainara in two ways; one by being a point of sale of the pack of T-shirt and Christmas Lottery Tenth for 29.95€, and another by giving all customers who buy a Juvenile bedroom, this Soldiers of Ainara solidarity pack, whose benefits will help this association to continue fighting for research and a solution to Ainara's disease.

We encourage you to visit their website www.soldadosdeainara.com so that you can see the great work they have done over the years and all the achievements they have made since they first learned of the existence of this incurable disease until now. Ainara, you are not alone. We will continue to fight together so that one day we will be able to know the treatment for Cach Syndrome.


- Ainara's T-shirt - www.lacamisetamasvaliosadelmundo.com

- Documentary "A fight against time" Soldiers of Ainara

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